“I tried to rape her last night.”

While working overseas, we all lived in tents. I shared a tent with a male colleague, something which had never given me any cause for concern. One night, he drunkenly called out to me constantly while he lay in his inner (his bedroom) until I went to see what was wrong. He reached out an arm, pulled me into his room, and proceeded to climb on top of me on his bed. This is an overweight, drunken male, lying on top of me. I would wait until he started to drift off (again, highly intoxicated), but each time I tried to move to get away, he would shift his weight again and continue his attempt to initiate sex with me. It wasn’t until I threatened to scream and waited for him to doze off again that I managed to get out. The next morning, we both sat outside the campsite reception with our manager. The male told my manager “I tried to rape her last night.” The manager hesistantly guffawed, I assume thinking this was a joke in poor taste. “No, really,” he insisted, half laughing. The male was forced to buy me a steak dinner as way of apology. I spent the rest of the season sharing the same tent with him.

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