No one to defend me.

In my young day, being groped by ANY male was the expected thing….but not accepted willingly by me. One boss used to twang my suspenders and would grope me and make vile suggestions in a roomful of his young male assistants. There was no fear that he would carry out these suggestions and I’d laugh it off, though I’d feel so humiliated. The company director happened to enter the office during one of these assaults. He simply rolled his eyes and hurried out again. There was no one to appeal to, no one to defend me. ….. and this was just ONE of the companies for whom I worked and who treated me in the same way. I was no beauty to inflame men- very plain in fact, so no excuse they couldn’t help themselves.

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    1. Hey Pamela…it doesn’t matter how you look…Beauty/Plain or indeed sexy…there is NO EXCUSE for their behavior! Im sorry that you had to experience that and that there was no support for for you when you needed it!

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