Raped by Boyfriend

When I first met my now ex-boyfriend Adam ****, I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, he told me he was not like other guys and he appeared to understand when I told him that I was not ready to lose my virginity. He lied to me about a lot of things from the start, making himself out to be a fantastic, good, caring and lovely person. He even lied to me about his brother passing away when he was young. All to make me feel sorry for him. Initially he tried to guilt trip me into bed, telling me that me not being ready made him feel depressed, but I persisted that I was not ready. Then, after 9 months of being together, I was at his watching a film, when he pulled down my trousers and knickers and put his penis inside me, I tried to get away from him, by frantically scurrying up the bed but he persued me, then I froze as he raped me. A few days afterwards, he told me he was sorry and that he didn’t mean it and that if I left him he would kill himself, and me, being naive 17 year old believed him. I stayed with him 3 years after that. When we broke up he stole £300 from me. And even confessed to the rape over email. I recently found out that he raped another girl from his uni, but did not get convincted when she reported him. Adam **** is a serial rapist and a pathological liar. I hope the next girl finds this before it happens to her too.
Admin:  Surname removed to comply with UK  Defamation Act 2013

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