Victim Blaming

“Rule One don’t put yourself in such a vulnerable position” is exactly what victim blaming is! What next? Stay at home with only your father or husband present? (Because we all know men have no self-control and can’t be expected not to rape you?) What nonsense. Women in burkas get raped. Nuns get raped. Old people and children get raped. People in their own homes get raped. Prostitutes get raped – a lot. (And if you think that’s acceptable, you must equate all sex with pain and violence and feel consent is a redundant notion anyway). All life is risk and while it may be more dangerous to go out at night, or to have too much to drink, or to show your hair or legs etc, it is NEVER the fault of the victim. They are NEVER RESPONSIBLE for their own rape. Just like people who get mugged are not responsible for getting mugged. They are the victims. “Rule one” – Don’t rape people. Don’t commit crime. That girl knew the man she went back to the hotel with. She was relieved to find an ‘old friend’ after losing her friends on a night out, she may well have thought it was the safest thing for her to do. The fact that she went back to his room willingly, was not an invite to every Tom, Dick and Harry to join in. Despite her obvious vulnerability, she was entitled not to be raped and was only responsible for her own drunkenness. She was not responsible for the behaviour of her rapists and to suggest otherwise is showing sympathy to rapist criminals – and continuing to blame the victim. (Who has been hounded ever since). One could argue that rapists who target people when they are drunk and incapable are even more disgusting than when they are targeting a sober person, because a sober person can usually put up a better fight. The victim’s vulnerability is not an excuse, regardless of why they are more vulnerable. Rape is 100% the responsibly of the rapist. No excuses.

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