Assaulted by man from church

I feel like my story is a lot different than other people but in any case there may be someone who can relate. I am 17 and I wasn’t getting along with my mother and her boyfriend at all. She ended up kicking me out due to just me being selfish and acting out. I was at work when this happened and I worked in a small place so everyone knows everyone and one of my coworkers offered me a place to stay. I had known him all summer and everyone was always saying he was a great guy and all. He was much older and I thought of him as a father figure. He would take me to eat, take me to church, and he acted polite and such until we were just watching tv and he decided he wanted to rape me for whatever reason. It happened twice before I decided I needed to come back home no matter what my mom had to say about it. We went to press charges, I went to the emergency room and they said that there was definitely evidence of what happened. The detective I gave my statement to kept telling me the guy would go to jail no matter what. This happened in July and now it’s November so it’s been a bit. We heard back from the detective one time who reassured us he would be going to jail but he’s not in any kind of trouble and I think that’s a larger issue that should be talked about. These men are doing what their doing and getting away with it because they’re not a celebrity or because they haven’t done it to anyone else or no one else has stood up and said the person did the same thing to them. The man who did it works two streets away from my house, he knows where I live and I walk a lot of places. I live in the downtown area of my town and so everything is close enough to get to. What I’m afraid of is me walking one day and he just stops on the street and grabs me because no one would see anything. There is so much potential for him to do something else to me or someone else but there are no consequences. He’s getting away with this which again is a huge problem. In any case though these men or women are doing an awful thing but we can’t let it get to us. We have to be happy because they want us to be upset, they’re trying to hurt you so don’t let them see that and learn to make good out of it. Share your story and let yourself be an example of you having the power. Don’t let them think they have any kind of power against you

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    1. I’m sorry that this happened to you especially by someone you trusted. Well done for surviving, reporting him and for carrying on with your life…be proud of yourself! Please think about counciling if you havent accessed it already…it helps to talk about it and unjumble all the feelings and emotions! You sound like a remarkably strong young person and I wish you much happiness in the future!!

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