About Exposeyourpig

We have created this website to provide a safe place for victims of sexual harassment, assault, and rape, to share their stories without fear of reprisal.
Exposeyourpig allows those who want to get their experiences off their chest, to do so with complete anonymity. There are no names used or any other ways of identifying the sender or the abuser.
Unlike other platforms such as Facebook, where your profile is visible even in closed groups, exposeyourpig.com is currently the only English speaking site to offer complete anonymity.
Exposeyourpig collects stories from those who don’t want to be identified but who do want to be heard, those who want to break the silence and say “Me Too”.
The pig is not the abuser, the pig is the pain of the abuse, and the memories that haunt the victims. When that pig is exposed, even anonymously, it loses its power and weakens its grip. The burden is lightened because it is shared.

The ultimate aspirations for this site are founded in the power of true stories from real people. We hope that visitors to the site appreciate the impact of abuse on everyday people that we can all relate to.
As the volume of stories grows, we also expose just how widespread this problem really is. We hope this will go some way towards helping to educate and even re-educate all of us, leading to positive change that will protect future generations.